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Businesses rely on a whole network of essential support services. From the receptionists who welcome visitors to the security staff providing a reassuring presence and the cleaners keeping the building looking smart, your business relies on a whole network of essential support services. Because these services are not core to your business, outsourcing them can bring added benefits:

Overall management and integration - Simplify the process and minimize the time you spend managing your complex building services.

External experience - Lessons learnt from other organizations and years of expertise can benefit your own business.

Single service culture - Through our comprehensive integrated services, create a common customer service culture across all your facilities management, relieve you form the hassles of dealing with multiple agencies helping you to concentrate on the core business of the organization.

Tailored to your requirements - We understand customer need better! .Our systems are so flexible ,we create unique facility management systems for your facility and tailor our service to meet your specific needs. Our Team works closely with our customers to understand their business and what is important to them. Whether it�s a single site or a number of sites, single service or combination we identify the best solution for each customer and bring together all the essential elements of facilities management to deliver a one-stop service.

"Our Proven and tested system to ensure the quality of each and every service provided to the client, whether its selecting our operations partners, making site specific management schedules, recruiting staff , or daily operations , we ensure that the client get the best value from us. Our reporting structure is aimed at providing client all the necessary information to run the business more productively"

The Opportunity to serve our corporate clients on a larger scale is take opportunity to further strengthen the existing relationship between SUVARNA Group and Client, we are committed to provide quality Service consistently by adopting best practices and methods, we hope this venture will be mutually beneficial to Client and SUVANA FMS.

SUVARNA FMS applies modern facility management practices and methods through its trained staff to provide the best value for money for its Clients. Trained on the latest cleaning methodologies and chemical and are well groomed, this help us to provide very cost effective professional services.

Specific SOPs, Checklists and schedules to suite the requirement of Clients, this will be monitored and continuously improved to provide the best services to the Client.

SUVARNA FMS with its well equipped support service team and specialists vendors will ensure that its Clients get more value for money out of this partnership.

SUVARNA FMS will provide excellent MIS support and operational analysis to provide maximum cost benefit to its Clients.

SUVARNA FMS understand that its Clients seeks to have best value for money by outsourcing the services to SUVARNA FMS and we are sure that we will exceed the expectations.

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